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Founded in 2017, Gear Electric Australia is a new and emerging e-commerce that creates and sells exciting and innovative high quality accessories for 4WDs.​


We have established ourselves as a forward-thinking business by being the first to create and sell the LC200 switch panel.


Our aim is to provide the effortless customisation of your 4x4 by designing cutting-edge products that are easy to install and use.

Here at Gear Electric Australia, we are always thinking about you. We understand the thrill of doing your own DIY.

That is why our accessories facilitate the installation process, by taking out the guess work. Now you can spend less time installing and more time out-there exploring


Our Values

We believe in uniqueness , in "why nots" and in "what ifs" so as to bring forward newness, and ground breaking products.

Commitment to customers

Customers are at the heart of what we do! we believe in  going above and beyond for our customers by acting with empathy and by building  trust-worthy relationships.

Quality over quantity

We are all about creating high quality products that undergo thorough quality checks. We'd rather be excellent at a few things than be average on a large scale.

Re-use + Sustainability

We aspire to be more eco-friendly and contribute to the global sustainability movement, by using packaging that are 100% recyclable.

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